AllofMP3 gets sued by the RIAA

Russian online music store AllofMP3 has been under fire lately. After getting its credit card service revoked by Visa and MasterCard, the site was listed in a document from the Office of the United States Trade Representative as an example of a site the Russian government would have to shut down by next June in order to enter the World Trade Organization. AllofMP3's lawyers maintain the site is doing nothing wrong and that it can't be shut down unless proven illegal in court. However, the Recording Industry Association of America has now added another nail in AllofMP3's coffin by suing the site in a New York court.

According to Ars Technica, the lawsuit says RIAA record labels receive no royalties from AllofMP3 and that the site's business "amounts to nothing more than a massive infringement of Plaintiffs' exclusive rights under the Copyright Act and New York law." Considering the depth of the RIAA's pockets and the hordes of lawyers at its disposal, AllofMP3 looks to be in for a tough ride.

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