ATI: DX10 demand won't pick up 'til late 07

Demand for DirectX 10-class graphics cards won't pick up until the second half of next year, according to Edward Chow, AMD's Graphics Marketing Director for the Asia-Pacific region. Nvidia's DirectX 10-compatible GeForce 8800-series graphics cards have been out for a few weeks now, but Chow seems to suggest ATI isn't too worried about not having a competing product out just yet. He claims the graphics market will "stay put" in the first half of 2007, and that only once the first DirectX 10 titles come out in the second part of the year will demand take off.

Of course, DirectX 10 support isn't the only reason to buy a next-gen card. We've already seen how well GeForce 8800 cards handle current-generation games, and recent rumors say Nvidia will have cheaper derivatives out in March. Meanwhile, ATI's DX10-class R600 graphics processor isn't expected until some time in the first quarter, and the same rumors say ATI won't have cheaper variants ready to take on Nvidia in March.

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