AMD's 690 chipset delayed until next year

Three weeks ago, rumors predicted that the first motherboards based on AMD's upcoming 690 chipset family would appear some time this month. However, the motherboards are nowhere to be seen, and a report by DailyTech says the AMD 690 chipset launch has in fact been pushed back until early February 2007. The AMD 690 is said to include Radeon X700-class integrated graphics with both HDCP content protection support and HDMI output. According to the report, HDCP and HDMI support are precisely why AMD has postponed the chipset's release. AMD supposedly needs to cough up additional licensing fees to the HDMI consortium, and motherboard manufacturers must also get their boards validated. Asus isn't having any of that, though, and it will reportedly have an AMD 690 board without HDCP and HDMI ready some time in January.
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