Discount site sells PS3s to buy Wiis for its staff

Daily discount site Woot has put a new spin on the concept of holiday PlayStation 3 sales. Where most stores are touting the console's hardware capabilities, Blu-ray drive, and high-definition video output, Woot gave shoppers a different incentive to purchase Sony's new console today:
In fact, we love the Wii so much, we want to give a Wii to everybody on our payroll. To fund this Wii-for-the-People program, we're selling this Sony PlayStation 3. . . . for every PS3 you buy, we can buy Wiis for two of our employees. So when you get frustrated by those intricate combo-button moves, or bored by the underwhelming game offerings for the PS3, keep the spirit of the season in mind. Remember all those happy Woot staffers whose lives have been changed by their super-fun Nintendo Wiis, paid for by you. Heartwarming, isn’t it?
The Woot folks even put their stock of PS3s together into a Nintendo-friendly arrangement, as one can see by clicking the PS3 photo on the site's front page. Their strategy has apparently worked well enough, because they've already sold out. Of course, they were offering 20GB PS3s for their actual $499.99 launch price, so quick sales aren't particularly surprising—even if the stunt might have made a few shoppers reconsider their choice of console.

In other PS3-related news, GameSpot has put together an interesting comparative article that examines how the same games look on both the PlayStation 3 and the Xbox 360. The article contains a plethora of screenshots from games like Call of Duty 3, Need for Speed Carbon, Madden 2007, and Fight Night Round 3. Overall, the Xbox 360 looks to have the upper hand, and GameSpot says it offers higher frame rates, too.

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