Yet another $#@!'ing virus

Man, am I getting sick of writing about new viruses. Apparently, however, the virus authors don't really care, so we have yet another new critter to contend with. This one has been named "Prilissa" and you can read all about it right here. It's apparently a cross between the Melissa virus and some other program named PRI.

Like the good ol' Missy virus, this one will send itself to 50 of your closest friends via Outlook. The PRI side of things will go around sticking colored squares into your documents; yay. But wait, it gets better: fire up an infected machine on Christmas Day, and it'll reformat your hard drive. Talk about a viral holy war. Anyway, make sure you're up to date on your virus definitions, and if you get an e-mail that says "This document is very important and you've GOT to read this!!", don't.

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