TR Christmas giveway 2006 winner chosen

This year's Christmas giveaway was a rousing success. We raised a total of $6363.75 for Blood:Water Mission, which will go to support efforts to provide clean drinking-water supplies and clean hospital blood supplies in Africa. Thanks to all of you who participated. We have already transferred the bulk of the funds to Blood:Water mission via Paypal, and we will cut them a check for the remaining $100 that came in via Amazon.

Our prize package this year has a retail value of over $1700, made possible by generous donations from our sponsors:

This is top-notch PC hardware, and we appreciate all of our sponsors for participating.

Our lucky winner this year is Ross Pirttijarvi of the U.K. Ross, you'd better get a case ready to house this stuff, because you're going to be building yourself one incredible new PC soon. Like many of you, Ross increased his odds of winning by donating enough to receive multiple entries—always a good strategy when charity is involved.

Thanks again to Intel, NCIX, eVGA, XFX, and Corsair for making this possible, and to TR's biz guy, Adam Eiberger, for coordinating it. And merry Christmas, everyone!

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