Taiwan quake disrupts Internet service in Asia

A powerful earthquake in Taiwan didn't produce major tsunamis, but it did damage undersea cables carrying telephone and Internet data to much of Asia. The outage isn't complete, but it is widespread, based on the AP report:
Two cables were damaged, both off Taiwan's coast, Chunghwa said.

The company reported a 50 percent loss of overall telephone capacity, with connections to China, Japan and Southeast Asia most affected.

Chunghwa also said almost all of Taiwan's communications capacity with Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand and Hong Kong was disrupted. Also hard hit was telephone service to the U.S., where 60 percent of capacity was lost, the company said.

Internet access in Beijing was cut or extremely slow, while Japanese customers were having trouble calling India and the Middle East. In South Korea, dozens of companies and institutions were affected, including the country's Foreign Ministry.

Repairing the cables "could take weeks," since they are, well, undersea cables. I probably shouldn't say it, but I wonder how spam volumes will be affected by the outage.
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