Intel invests in Israeli graphics startup

As Intel continues to hire staff for a mysterious project some believe will yield a high-end graphics processor poised to compete with the finest from ATI and Nvidia, Intel's venture capital arm has invested in an Israeli graphics processing startup.

Known as Lucid Information Technology, the startup is working on a traffic hub chip designed to route data between graphics processors. The chip can spread loads between as many as four GPUs, and Lucid is also developing an associated driver to make multi-GPU setups transparent to software. Lucid plans to have silicon samples out by the end of this year and to eventually kick off volume sales to a major board manfuacturer like Asus, Leadtek, or Gigabyte.

Of course, Intel isn't the only one supporting the startup. Other venture capital firms including Giza Venture Capital and Genesis Partners have also funded Lucid, helping it raise a total of $12 million.

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