TR Forum Tidings: Power supply failures

Many see hard drives as the most failure-prone components in today's PCs, but power supplies are also known to cause catastrophic system failures. Luckily, quality PSUs from well-known manufacturers rarely tend to kick the bucket, but some users—like TR forum gerbil Buub—have nonetheless had bad experiences with major PSU manufacturers like Antec. Buub's bad luck has led him to create a poll in our forums entitled, "Which PSU brand has failed you the most?" Interestingly, out of the 32 gerbils who voted, 14 have had Antec PSUs fail. That said, the discussion accompanying the poll definitely contains more talk of failures involving no-name and cheap PSUs from other brands. What about you, though? Have you ever had a power supply fail, and if so, what brand was it? Whatever your experience was, feel free to register a forum account if you don't already have one and contribute to Buub's poll and thread.
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