Darwin awards

Et tu? If you find yourself using the computer during this Labor day weekend, you are not alone. Today's menu: Quake 3 menu v1.07. The chef recommends the mid-year Darwin award winners. Along the same theme of watching evolution in action, the Quantum Flux Virtual Intelligence Matrix 33d screensaver is now available for download.

If you are looking to optimize the display for your NVIDIA card, the NVIDIA reg patch v2.4 can be found here. Not to be outdone, 3dfx has released new drivers for the Voodoo 5 5500 AGP/PCI: Win 9x v1.01.03 beta and Win2K v1.01.01 beta. From the can't touch this department, ipKonfig has taken their Voodoo 3 3500 to 240 mhz. This is a good article for the registry hacks, if nothing else.

BoomGames reviews the swank Coolermaster ATC-200 aluminum case, while Firing Squad lets us in on what to expect from the upcoming strategy game Zeus. Lightning from Olympus has caused 2CPU to remove their Pentium 4 benchmarks, but The Register has some more scores. If these results are proven to be accurate, it could be trouble for Intel. While it is no great surprise that the P4's FPU seems to lag behind the Athlon, remember that Intel has already demoed the P4 at 2GHz. Although set to debut at 1.4GHz, the P4's chief asset is its scalability. 600MHz...mmm, big difference.

I guess everyone hates the prom queen, but what about the next Eliza? Motherboards to call security coprocessors. ZDNet has a special looking back on Microsoft's quarter century and their plans for the future. Sunday marks the start of the NFL season. Go Broncos...err, Rams! Enjoy the rest of the Labor day weekend.

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