Apple, HP LED-backlit notebooks coming soon

Both Apple and HP will introduce notebooks that use LEDs as display backlights in the second quarter of this year, according to a report by DigiTimes. Current LCD monitors use fluorescent lamps as backlights, but LEDs can offer both higher brightness and much better contrast. A company known as BrightSide already uses LED backlights in so-called high dynamic range displays, which can modulate the brightness of individual LEDs behind the LCD panel to achieve contrast ratio ratings of 200,000:1 and brightness ratings of 3,000cd/m².

According to DigiTimes, notebook manufacturers will require brightness ratings of over 1,680cd/m² for their upcoming notebooks—lower than the BrightSide displays’ but still several times that of standard LCD monitors, which are often rated for 200-400cd/m². The site reveals little else about the notebooks, although it does state that HP’s LED-backlit offerings will be high-end multimedia models pre-loaded with Windows Vista.

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