ATI's R600 delayed until March?

The red team's answer to Nvidia's GeForce 8800 graphics cards won't see the light of day for another two months, if a report by The Inquirer is to be believed. While previous rumors pointed to a February release, this new report says the latest revision of ATI's R600 prototype suffers from problems "serious enough" to warrant a re-spin. This re-spin will supposedly delay the card's release by a couple of weeks, leading to a launch in early March—likely a week before the CeBIT show, which is taking place in Hanover, Germany from March 9 to March 15. The Inq also says Nvidia might be able to squeeze out a die-shrunk version of its G80 chip based on 80nm process technology before ATI launches the R600.

Update: The March time frame coincides with a date given by DailyTech a month and a half ago. The site said the R600 would enter production in February and launch in March.

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