SanDisk intros speedy 32GB solid-state drive

After Samsung, TDK, and Super Talent, SanDisk has now joined the growing number of companies that have announced 1.8″ flash-based solid-state drives. Introduced earlier today, SanDisk’s new 1.8″ SSD offers 32GB of capacity and can provide sustained data read speeds of 62MB/s. That’s a good deal speedier than Samsung’s and TDK’s SSDs, which have maximum read speeds of 57MB/s and 33.3MB/s, respectively. In fact, SanDisk claims that its new product is even faster than conventional mobile hard drives: a 1.2GHz Core Duo ULV-based notebook using the new SSD can boot Windows Vista in 35 seconds, the company says, while the same laptop with a conventional hard drive takes 55 seconds. SanDisk does expect notebooks based on the SSD to cost around $600 more than their hard drive-based counterparts, though.

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