CellFactor game coming in the spring

Artificial Studios has announced that its upcoming first-person action shooter, CellFactor: Revolution, will come out in the spring. The game is based on CellFactor: Combat Training, a tech demo released one year ago to show off the features of Ageia's PhysX physics accelerator. Instead of the tech demo's single multiplayer-enabled level, the full game will contain "at least five worlds" with both single-player and multiplayer support. The game's multiplayer will allow up to eight players and eight CPU-controlled bots to fight it out in deathmatch, team deathmatch, assault, and combat game modes. CellFactor: Revolution will also feature destructible environments, vehicles, and characters with telekinetic abilities that can manipulate large numbers of objects in real time.

We tested the original CellFactor demo in our PhysX review back in June last year, and we saw that it could run without a PhysX card quite well, even though Ageia said the card was a requirement. Artificial Studios doesn't specify whether PhysX will be required for CellFactor: Revolution, although the company does say the upcoming game "takes advantage of the AGEIA PhysX processor to produce realistic cloth, fluid and scattered debris effects."

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