2000W power supply coming soon

BFG recently launched a couple of enthusiast-oriented power supplies with power ratings of 800W and 1000W, but apparently some users think even 1KW of power just isn't enough. Or at least that's what Ultra Products would have us believe. According to Gizmodo, Ultra Products will unveil an ATX power supply rated for a phenomenal 2000W, or 2kW, next week. The unit will have fully modular cabling, and it will be able to supply up to 150A of +12V power, although Gizmodo doesn't specify how many +12V rails it will have. The site has no word on pricing, either. Considering that 1KW power supplies can cost as much as $600 on Newegg, though, the 2kW Ultra Products unit is likely to cost as much as many folks' entire PCs.
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