Poll: Your main monitor's aspect ratio

We haven't updated our poll since before Christmas, so it's high time for a change. Today, we've decided to quiz you about your monitor, more specifically its aspect ratio. Most users probably run monitors with a 4:3 aspect ratio. However, the rise in popularity of 17" and 19" LCD monitors (5:4), wide-screen LCD monitors (16:10), and wide-screen LCD TVs (16:9) have lead to greater diversity in aspect ratios. With that in mind, feel free to go vote and let us know what category your main monitor falls into. If you're unsure, you can figure it out via your display's native resolution or with a good old-fashioned ruler.

In our previous poll, we asked how many IDE devices you had left in your main PC. According to the poll results, over half of you have between one (28%) and two (29%) IDE devices left in your main PC. The other half is split up between those who have ditched IDE entirely and gone all-Serial ATA (8%) and the remainder who have three (16%), four (11%), or more than four (7%) IDE devices.

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