Next-generation Cell chip to hit 6GHz

IBM and Toshiba are cooking up a second-generation Cell processor that will run at almost twice the speed of the current chip, ZDNet Asia reports. The Cell processor used in Sony's new PlayStation 3 console and IBM's QS20 blade servers runs at 3.2GHz, but the second-gen Cell will be clocked at a whopping 6GHz. This information was revealed in the program (PDF) for the International Solid State Circuits Conference, which is taking place next month in San Francisco.

Aside from the future Cell chip's clock speed, the ISSCC program mentions that the chip will be built using a 65nm silicon-on-insulator process, and that it will have a dual power supply in order to "enhance SRAM stability and performance" as well as decrease power consumption. Despite being clocked at 6GHz, the chip will also require just 1.3V—within the same range as Intel's current dual-core processors. Thanks TR reader Jigar for the tip.

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