Ageia boasts game support at CES

Despite rumors of a PhysX accelerator card for PCI Express and even PhysX "SLI", Ageia won't be announcing new hardware products at CES. Instead, the company has decided to focus on game support by showcasing two new PhysX-enabled games at the event: the recently-announced CellFactor: Revolution and a new title dubbed Warmonger Operation: Downtown Destruction. Developed by NetDevil, the company behind Auto Assault, Warmonger will be an apocalyptic war game in which "each map instance will play differently as the sheer destruction of map elements forces players to adapt and find new ways to win or defend their objectives." Along with those two games, Ageia will provide a sneak peek of Eidos' upcoming third-person shooter Infernal, which will also support PhysX.

In other Ageia news, the company has named former AMD executive Rob Herb as its Chairman of the Board. Herb worked at AMD for 20 years and was the company's Executive Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer until 2005.

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