BFG announces factory overclocked GeForce 8800s

Nvidia managed to keep its board partners from fiddling with clock speeds for the first wave of GeForce 8800 series graphics cards, but "factory overclocked" versions are starting to appear from several manufacturers. BFG Tech is the latest to tweak G80's clock speeds, and the company will offer "OC" versions of the GeForce 8800 GTX and GTS. The former will feature 600MHz core and 1400MHz shader clocks, up from 575MHz and 1350MHz, respectively. The GTS, meanwhile, will be clocked at 550MHz core and 1300MHz for the shaders, up from 500MHz and 1200MHz.

Interestingly, BFG hasn't messed with the memory clock speed of either card. That makes the company's 8800 OC line somewhat less aggressive than XFX's recently announced GeForce 8800 XXX Editions, which ramp clock speeds on both the graphics core and memory.

BFG says its GeForce 8800 OC line is coming to retail "soon", and that the GTS and GTX will sell for $449 and $699, respectively.

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