Microsoft to add IPTV support to the Xbox 360

Two months after announcing its plans to make movies and TV shows available on the Xbox marketplace, Microsoft has struck again, this time with a new solution that promises to bring Internet Protocol Television (IPTV) to the Xbox 360 console. The solution will allow the Xbox 360 to tune into Microsoft TV IPTV Edition-based TV services being deployed over U.S. and European broadband networks by companies like AT&T, British Telecom, Deutsche Telekom, T-Online, and Swisscom.

Those looking to ditch traditional television will have to bide their time, though: Microsoft says IPTV support won’t become available to Xbox 360 users until the 2007 holiday season—almost a year from now. Nonetheless, IPTV services will be fully integrated into the Xbox interface, allowing users to send each other messages and join voice chats over Xbox Live while they watch TV.

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