Intel one-ups AMD's Quad FX with V8

Just as processors and motherboards for AMD's Quad FX platform slowly start to appear at online retailers, Intel has unveiled a proof-of-concept dual-processor solution for enthusiasts. Since Intel can already squeeze four CPU cores into a single processor, the company's dual-processor solution offers not four cores like Quad FX but eight cores. Keeping with the automotive theme of Quad FX's original "4x4" code name, Intel has dubbed its solution V8.

Quad FX bears some resemblance to a regular desktop platform because of its support for unbuffered memory, but V8 requires expensive FB-DIMM memory and Xeon processors. The system doesn't have multi-GPU support, either, and the V8 machine Intel demonstrated at CES only included a single Nvidia GeForce 8800 GTX graphics card. Those who really want a V8 system can purchase the parts to build one now. In fact, we reviewed an eight-core Clovertown Xeon setup recently.

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