Antec releases 'most powerful' case

The folks at Antec have released a bigger and meaner successor to their P180 case. The existing P180 is a bare case targeted largely at silent PC enthusiasts, but the new P190 includes dual power supplies and is touted by Antec as being the company's "most powerful [case] yet." Indeed, the P190's two power supplies have 650W and 550W ratings for a combined power output of 1.2kW. The case's cooling is handled by five fans, including two top-mounted 140mm models, one rear-mounted 120mm model, and a side-mounted 200mm behemoth Antec aptly calls the Big Boy.

Despite the specs, Antec says it designed the P190 for silent computing using the same composite side panels and silicone drive mounting grommets as the P180. As Antec points out, the large 140mm and 200mm fans are also capable of generating comparable air flow to smaller 120mm or 92mm models while spinning at slower—and quieter—speeds. Considering Antec designed the P190 with "multiple instances of virtually all system components" in mind, building a truly quiet system with multiple processors and graphics cards may still prove to be a challenge. Nevertheless, Antec says the P190 will become available from major retailers next month. The case will cost $499, and it will be covered by a three-year warranty.

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