TR Forum Tidings: Onboard or discrete audio?

In our weekly look at the happenings in our forums, we've spotted a thread by gerbil newcomer Monkey1998 about discrete sound cards and their onboard counterparts. Monkey1998 has put together a short poll where he asks, "Do you use an on-board audio solution?" The results are pretty close, with 54% of the 44 voters using a sound card and 45% using onboard audio. Discussion in the thread is a little more biased toward sound cards, and several posters complain about the poor sound quality of most onboard audio.

Interestingly, though, some do seem to favor onboard sound as a means to avoid Creative drivers. Indeed, there's a dearth of non-Creative offerings in the consumer sound card market at the moment, and Creative has been known for less-than-stellar software support in the past. That said, we've had no problems with Creative's X-Fi drivers ourselves. What about you, what are your feelings on onboard sound versus discrete sound cards? And which one do you use? Feel free to vote in Monkey1998's poll and post in the thread if you have anything to share.

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