Apple shunned Nvidia for iPhone, 6G iPod design

Analysts stated last year that Apple had selected PortalPlayer as the graphics chip supplier for its iPhone device. After Nvidia announced its acquisition of PortalPlayer in early November, the graphics company looked set for a fruitful relationship with Apple. However, a new report by research firm FBR Research says Apple shunned Nvidia and instead picked Samsung to supply applications and video processing for the iPhone. The research firm adds that Marvell, Infineon, Broadcom, and Cambridge Silicon were picked to power the iPhone's other capabilities, but Nvidia's name is also absent from that list.

Nvidia didn't just miss out on the iPhone, though. According to FBR Research, Apple has also picked Samsung to provide video and applications processing for its upcoming sixth-generation video iPod, which will supposedly come out in the third quarter of this year. The choice would make sense, since Samsung already supplies processing chips for the current fifth-generation iPod.

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