John Carmack talks future id games

The folks at GameInformer had a chance to interview id Software's John Carmack at CES, and they've squeezed a number of interesting nuggets of information out him. The interview kicks off with Carmack talking about id Software's next franchise, which will feature a brand new 3D engine:
Carmack: Yes, the in-house development project that we’ve been working on is all new technology. It still has some roots in the Doom 3 technology, but almost everything is new in there. We’re still not talking about exactly what the project is, but it’s a new IP, it’s diverting a little bit from the standard id formula and it’s not just a first-person shooter. Technically, it’s build around an advancement over the MegaTexture technology from Quake Wars. Where that was applied just to the terrain, the version of the new technology applies it into everything, so we can have that level of rich detail on all the surfaces on the entire world. That’s the push that we’re making with graphics technology. The gameplay is somewhat different from anything that we’ve of done before.
Carmack says he expects to reveal more about the game at the next QuakeCon, which is scheduled to run from August 2 to August 5 this year. The rest of the interview goes on for a couple of pages, so we won't quote it all here. However, Carmack provides some interesting insights on DirectX 10, Windows Vista, consoles, and even Microsoft's plans to bring its Xbox Live service to the PC. GameInformer will have a second part of the interview up later today, as well. Thanks to Shacknews for the tip.
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