Cheaper GeForce 8800 GTS coming next month

Nvidia is about to add a more affordable low-end model to its GeForce 8000 graphics card series, VR-Zone has learned. The site says in mid-February, Nvidia will introduce a new GeForce 8800 GTS with a price tag $100 lower than the current model's, or $299-$349. The card will retain the current 8800 GTS's name and specifications (500MHz core speed, 800MHz memory speed, 96 stream processors, five ROP partitions, and a 320-bit memory path.) However, its memory will be halved from 640MB to 320MB, which will supposedly allow for performance "close" to the existing GeForce 8800 GTS while allowing Nvidia to cut the price significantly.

VR-Zone says the introduction of the GeForce 8800 GTS 320MB will put pressure on ATI, since the red team currently offers DirectX 9-class Radeon X1950 cards in that price range. Recent rumors claim ATI isn't expected to launch its next-gen R600 part until mid-March.

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