LG's hybrid player has flawed HD DVD support

As expected, LG did unveil a hybrid HD DVD/Blu-ray player—the BH100—at CES this week. However, BetaNews reports the device suffers from a major flaw that may prevent it from being commercialized in its current state. LG reportedly omitted to support the HD DVD format's HDi specification, which is used to implement interactive content in HD DVD movies. Without support for the technology, the LG player can play HD DVD video content, but users are unable to use menus or access interactive features.

As if that weren't bad enough, Microsoft says LG could face a lawsuit from the DVD Forum if it markets its player as having HD DVD support. LG wants to start selling the BH100 later this quarter for $1,199, but pressure from Microsoft and other DVD Forum members could force LG to make changes to the device or even to ditch it entirely.

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