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  • [H]ard|OCP reviews MSI 694D Pro dual socket 370
  • VIAHardware reviews Asus A7V
  • Active-Hardware reviews Soltek SL-75KV socket A
  • t-break reviews Abit SE6
  • Firing Squad's i815 comparison
  • Tom's Hardware does i815 roundup
  • Digital Web 3D's Via KT133 socket A roundup


  • StorageReview looks at Maxtor DiamondMax 80
  • Tweak3D reviews Plextor 12/4/32 SCSI CD-R
  • SysReview looks at CenDyne 8/4/32 IDE CD-RW
  • CPU-bURN reviews AOpen DRW-4624 4-in-1 drive
  • SystemLogic reviews Promise Ultra100 ATA100 controller
  • PlanetHardware shows how to install a hard drive

  • PCrivals computerator: PC in a refrigerator
  • BXBoards reviews Trinity Micro TM-VOS32 cooler
  • Jsi Hardware's one pager of AMK Super HDD E2C-2E cool with display

  • HardwareCentral reviews MidiLand S4 / 8200 speaker system
  • Hardware Avenue looks behind 3D audio

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