Poll: iPhone, hot or not?

We've put together a new poll, and this time we're asking you to sum up your opinion of Apple's new iPhone in one short word: hot or not? The device's individual features may not be particularly novel, but the sum of its parts represents a pretty clear departure from traditional smart phone designs. However, that departure might not be worth the requisite contract with Cingular to some, and to others it definitely won't be worth the $499-599 price tag. So, is the iPhone worth the hype? Feel free to go vote and let us know.

Last week's poll was about monitors, and we inquired about your primary displays' aspect ratio. The results are pretty surprising, because a whopping 35% of our 2442 voters have 16:10 wide-screen displays, compared with 43% who have standard 4:3 monitors. Most other voters have either 5:4 (12%) or 16:9 (10%) displays, although a small population of oddballs (1%) have displays based on strange aspect ratios we didn't list.

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