No high-end mobile G80 coming for 6-8 months?

Nvidia won't release mobile derivatives of its GeForce 8800 graphics cards until the third quarter of this year, according to a report by VR-Zone. The report says Nvidia will introduce its first mobile DirectX 10 parts early in the second quarter, but that those parts will be mainstream and value models only. The mainstream part will supposedly be dubbed G84M, while the value derivative will be branded G86M. Hard=core mobile gamers will have to wait until the third quarter for a so-called G81M chip, which will be Nvidia's high-end DirectX 10 part for notebooks.

Considering the G80's die size and power requirements, Nvidia will presumably need to move to an 80nm or 65nm process in order for G80-based notebooks not to burst into flames. The company stated three months ago that it was already producing 65nm chips at TSMC's 300mm fabs.

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