Intel plans 65nm Chinese fab

Both AMD and Intel have expanding their operations in China lately. Last summer, AMD opened a research and development center in Shanghai, and now CNet reports that Intel is planning to build a fabrication plant somewhere in the country. In fact, the fab could also be built in Shanghai, since the city is already home to some of Intel's test and assembly plants. The new fab will cost a total of around $2 billion, the same as Intel's 65nm Irish fab that opened in June last year. Also like the Irish plant, the upcoming Chinese fab will produce chips based on 65nm process technology.

Oddly, CNet says the fab will make "leading edge" multi-core processors. However, Intel plans to roll out its first 45nm chips later this year, and the company's Irish fab took a couple of years to build. The Chinese fab may not start spitting out chips until 2009, at which point Intel might be getting ready to move over to the 32nm node.

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