Asus roadmap reveals loads

Andy at BXBoards apparently got hold of a not-for-public-eyes Asus roadmap which he posted on his site, then removed to avoid getting sacked by an unruly horde of Asus lawyers. However, the friendly hardware man at Ace's has reposted some of the info. Among the revelations:
  • Athlon and Pentium III motherboards based on NVIDIA's chipset (or at least their North Bridge chip) are planned.
  • Andy adds: "nVidia's new chipset's north bridge will integrate NV11 into its core and include both SDRAM & DDR266 support." The NV11 is the GeForce2 MX chip; a total killer versus the competing integrated video stuff out there.
  • DDR SDRAM figures big in Asus' plans, but Rambus RDRAM is only slated for use on a single Pentium 4 motherboard.
  • The .13-micron Pentium III (I still can't believe they're gonna make this thing), code-named Tulatin, will get a new Intel chipset code-named Almador.
  • Dunno if it's true or not, but Almador may support both SDRAM and DDR SDRAM. If true, Intel's going to have to bust out of their contractual Rambus shackles.
Mmmm.. juicy juicy. This next year or so should be interesting! Hit the links above for more info.
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