LG's hybrid player to hit stores February 4?

Despite rumors that LG's BH100 hybrid Blu-ray/HD DVD player has broken HD DVD support, Engadget has heard from anonymous Best Buy employees that the player will hit stores on February 4. LG touted the BH100 at CES last week as the world's first set-top player to support playback of both Blu-ray and HD DVD formats, saying it would launch in the first quarter at $1,199. However, BetaNews reported a few days later that the drive actually lacked support for the HD DVD format's HDi specification. Without HDi, users would be unable to use interactive features or even access basic menus. The BetaNews report included a statement from Microsoft's HD DVD group representative Kevin Collins, who said LG could face legal action from Microsoft and other DVD Forum members if it marketed the BH100 as an HD DVD-compatible player.
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