Nvidia hiring staff to work on Sony's PSP2?

After the many rumors prompted by Intel's search for hardware graphics engineers, it's now Nvidia's turn to be the subject of speculation based on its job postings. Beyond3D has spotted this Nvidia posting for a senior eDRAM (embedded DRAM) design engineer located in Santa Clara, California—the company's home town. The site says this posting is further evidence that Nvidia is working on hardware for Sony's next-generation PlayStation Portable handheld console. eDRAM is used in both Sony's PSP and PlayStation 2, Beyond3D says, but Nvidia has never shipped a product with eDRAM before.

Last year, Sony and Nvidia signed a design contract that made mention of "a range of chip products" and "different programs and products" within Sony, which led to talk of a possible Nvidia-powered PSP2. According to previous rumors, the PSP2 may appear within the next couple of years.

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