OCZ announces a 1kW power supply

Ultra-high-wattage power supplies seem to be the latest craze these days. After showing off a 2000W power supply at CES last week, OCZ has now officially launched a PSU with an only slightly more modest 1000W rating. The new power supply is dubbed the ProXStream and features a somewhat simpler design than OCZ's other PSUs; cooling is provided via a single 80mm fan and there are no LEDs, external voltage controls, or modular cabling.

What the 1kW ProXStream might lack in fancy features it makes up for with sheer power output. The unit boasts four +12V rails with 70A of combined current output as well as a plethora of connectors, including an 8-pin auxiliary 12V connector and quad 6-pin PCI Express power connectors. However, just like OCZ's GameXStream line, the ProXStream is covered by a three-year warranty instead of the five-year coverage offered on older PowerStream models.

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