Nvidia places 'urgent orders' for more G80 chips

Rising demand for GeForce 8800 graphics card has forced Nvidia to place "urgent orders" for more G80 chips, according to a Commercial Times report quoted by DigiTimes. Nvidia placed the orders with TSMC, its usual supplier, and shipments are scheduled to begin in March. Interestingly, the report suggests that those shipments will contain die-shrunk 80nm G80 chips—not the 90nm ones that have been out in the market since November.
Monthly shipments for the urgent orders, which will begin in March, will be equivalent to 3,000-4,000 12-inch wafers using 80nm technology, the sources were cited as saying.
Either way, a rise in demand for GeForce 8800-series cards isn't particularly surprising. Some GeForce 8800 GTS models can now be had for as little as $364.99 after rebates if you know where to look, $84 less than the card's launch price.
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