Crysis lead designer interviewed

The folks over at Shacknews have scored an interview with Crytek's Jack Mamais, the lead designer for both Far Cry and its upcoming sequel Crysis. The interview largely focuses on Crysis' hardware requirements and gameplay, and Mamais reveals a few interesting tidbits about both topics. Hardware-wise, Mamais says a three-year-old graphics card "should be pretty good" to run Crysis, despite the game's state-of-the-art DirectX 10 graphics engine. "You'll have to turn things down--shadows, particles--but people who get the big machines want to have everything so we're going to be really jamming on those big machines. But for the guys who don't have that kind of budget, they'll still have a really good experience and have fun."

Mamais also says Crytek has hired writers and "a couple of Hollywood guys" to come up with a believable storyline. However, he says the game will also be less linear than its predecessor. "In Far Cry you just had Jack Carver in a Hawaiian shirt, but here you've got the nano-suit--you can cloak yourself, or you can go with armor [enhancement] and be Rambo, or you can [enhance] speed to put yourself in tactical situations."

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