Company develops '4x4' KVM switch

Many users with more than one desktop computer should be familiar with KVM switches, devices that allow a single monitor, keyboard, and mouse to be hooked up to multiple machines. KVMs typically connect up one set of peripherals to multiple PCs, but a company called Gefen has released a KVM switch that allows four sets of peripherals—including speakers—to connect up to four different systems. The so-called 4x4 DVI KVM Matrix supports DVI monitors with resolutions of up to 1920x1200, and you'll be able to plug the latest USB 2.0 peripherals into it. Once configured, users can select combinations of PCs and peripherals via an included infrared remote or with an RS-232 serial port connection. The switch can even be shoved into a server rack with included 1U rack-mounting "ears". This flexibility does come at a price, though: the 4x4 DVI KVM Matrix costs $999, weighs 12lbs, and draws as much as 60W of power.
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