Intel announces fourth quarter financial results

Last week, AMD warned that its fourth quarter revenue would fall short of expectations. Intel has now posted its fourth quarter results (PDF), and unsurprisingly, the company has had a more profitable fourth quarter than AMD. Intel's revenue went up from $8.7 billion in the third quarter to $9.7 billion in the fourth quarter, and its operating income rose from $1.4 billion to $1.5 billion. Of course, those results don't hold a candle to those from a year before: in the fourth quarter of 2005, Intel had revenue of $10.2 billion and operating income of a whopping $2.5 billion. The company's margins have dropped 12.2 points since 2005, as well, likely due to a price war with AMD.

At the end of its financial report, Intel says it has produced samples of its upcoming 45nm processor code-named "Penryn," and that those samples can successfully boot Windows Vista, MacOS X, Windows XP, and Linux.

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