MP3 for PDA

Here's an.... interesting development reported by A company named Good Technology has come out with a product called SoundsGood, an MP3 player that plugs into the Handspring Visor. It comes with 64 MB of RAM and can store "more than an hour of music" according to the company.

Speaking as a Visor owner, can I be the first to raise my hand and say "What's the point?" Frankly, I just don't get it. First off, the thing is apparently going to retail for $269; as the article points out, that's more than the cost of the Visor itself. Second, if you have a Visor and you want a portable MP3 player, why would you choose one that sucks the juice out of your PDA?

Then there's the fact that the Visor is larger, heavier and more fragile than a plain old portable MP3 player. Speaking of which, Best Buy was recently selling a standalone portable 32MB MP3 player for a paltry fifty bucks; you can expand it to 64MB for the cost of a SmartMedia card, currently $56 on Pricewatch.

Perhaps I'm missing something here. Perhaps the article failed to mention some fantastic feature this thing has that requires the Visor and makes it worth the $163 premium. But I kinda doubt it.

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