Intel could be next on E.U. Commission's hit list

Just over a couple of weeks after AMD scored a win in its U.S. antitrust case against Intel, it looks like things might go AMD's way in the E.U. as well. According to the Wall Street Journal, E.U. investigators have recommended that Competition Commissioner Neelie Kroes "formally charge Intel Corp. with illegally thwarting competition in the computer-chip market." The recommendation comes over six years after AMD filed its original complaint with the E.U. and nearly three months after E.U. investigators began debating the case's weaknesses and potential repercussions.

Mrs. Kroes still hasn't reached a decision, as she unsurprisingly expects that charging Intel could yield a case as long, complex, and controversial as the Commission's heated battle against Microsoft. Kroes is free to either charge Intel or drop the case altogether, the Wall Street Journal says, and her decision can come at any time. Thanks to The Inquirer for the tip.

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