PlayStation 3 demand waning?

PlayStation 3 consoles were in stock and readily available at 54% of stores probed in a recent retail channel survey by American Technology Research, Yahoo News reports. This high availability is good news for prospective buyers, but it may also suggest low demand for the console.

The same report says none of the stores in the channel check had Nintendo Wii consoles in stock, and Yahoo News adds that shortages of Microsoft's Xbox 360 lasted "well into early 2006" following the system's November 2005 launch. Moreover, NPD Group sales numbers for December 2006 show only 490,700 PS3s were sold in the U.S. last month, compared to 604,200 Wiis and a whopping 1.1 million Xbox 360s. That said, Sony claims it has achieved its target of selling a million PS3s in North America in 2006, and that high supply is caused not by low demand but by its efforts to keep the supply chain moving.

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