ViewSonic quietly intros a 17" wide-screen monitor

As more and more 19" wide-screen LCD monitors appear on the market, display manufacturers are now looking to push the 16:10 aspect ratio further down the size scale. As DigiTimes reports, ViewSonic has quietly added a 17" model to its growing lineup of wide-screen monitors. The display is named VA1703wb and is launching at $205 with a 1440x900 resolution, an 8ms response time, 250cd/m² brightness, and 500:1 contrast.

Of course, at $205 with those specs, it's a poor match for even ViewSonic's own Q19WB-2. The Q19WB-2 can be had for $198.99 on Newegg (and as low as $158.99 after a $40 mail-in rebate,) and it has the same resolution, a 19" panel size, a 5ms response time, 300cd/m² luminosity, and 700:1 contrast. Let's hope the VA1703wb's introduction at least encourages more manufacturers to make 17" wide-screen monitors and eventually drives down prices.

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