Engadget puts together a Wii laptop

After the Xbox 360, it's now the Wii's turn to be shoehorned into a proto-laptop by would-be industrial engineers. This time, modder Benjamin Heckendorn has squeezed a Nintendo Wii console, a 7" 16:9 display, a shrunk sensor bar, and a power supply into a laptop-sized system that's just 8.6" wide, 7.7" long, and 2" thick. The standard Wii measures 8.48" x 6.18" x 1.73", so the Wii laptop is isn't a whole lot bigger than the bare console. It has all the standard ports for audio/video outputs, the Wii sensor bar, and GameCube controller, too. And thanks to the embedded shrunk sensor bar, the system can be played with the Wii controller about a foot away from the device. Engadget has put up a video of the Wiitop in action, and it's certainly a sight to behold.
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