General News

  • iXBT Labs' September hardware news overview
  • Penstar asks how do you like them apple? AMD Today article
  • PC-Mac2000 has information on a Socket A to Slot A converter!
  • Future Looks' new software revolution part II
  • Sharky Extreme's ECTS 2000 show floor report
  • From USA Today: 'willfully' broke law (Thanks Ryu Connor)

  • Adrian's stylish Rojak Pot's swapfile optimization guide
  • Ars Technica system guides updated
  • Tech Extreme asks OEM or clone?
  • Gaming in 3D: overclocking tips #1
Bluetooth technology coverage

Twilight Zone stuff



  • Dans Data Socket A comparison: Transcend TS-AKT4 and Abit KT7 with and without RAID
  • Sharky Extreme reviews AOpen AX64 Pro slot 1
  • Jsi Hardware looks at Soltek SL75KV socket A
  • PCinsight reviews DFI TA64B socket 370 / slot 1
Coolers and spacer



Entertainment etc.

  • Neoseeker reviews Casio WMP-1V mp3 audio wrist watch
  • Tom's Hardware reviews Jianghai DVP-9000C DVD player
  • Tech-Review tests Trager Courier laptop bag
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