Asus announces Radeon X2300-powered notebook

As various sites continue to exchange rumors about ATI's next-gen desktop graphics cards, Asus has shed some light on the red team's upcoming mobile offerings. The Taiwanese firm has announced a new series of notebooks that incorporate an unannounced mobile graphics processor from ATI: the Mobility Radeon X2300. Asus says the mobile GPU provides "a visual feast like no other" and that it uses ATI's HyperMemory technology to tap into system RAM.

The folks at The Register asked an AMD official about the announcement, and they were told that Asus uploaded its press release "a smite early." The Mobility Radeon X2300's existence doesn't seem to be much of a secret, since different versions of the GPU are already listed in ATI's drivers under the M71 and M64 code names. The Reg says the M71 is based on the desktop R600 chip, suggesting that the mobile GPU has unified shaders and DirectX 10 support.

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