Intel, Sun announce 'broad strategic agreement'

The rumors were true. At a press conference in San Francisco, California today, Sun CEO Jonathan Schwartz and Intel CEO Paul Otellini announced a partnership that will see Sun release Intel-powered servers and Intel promote Sun's Solaris operating system. As part of the deal, Sun will adopt Intel's Xeon processors in 1P, 2P, and 4P enterprise servers, telecom servers, and workstations starting in the first half of this year.

Intel has apparently offered quite a lot in order to earn Sun's favor. The chip giant will enter an OEM agreement with Sun allowing Intel distribute and support Solaris among its customers "as market opportunities arise." Intel will also work with Sun to optimize Solaris and Java for Xeon processors. Last, but not least, Intel will support the OpenSolaris and open Java communities, and endorse both Java and Sun's NetBeans Integrated Development Environment.

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