Intel career page confirms discrete GPU plans

If Intel's recent job postings left even the shadow of a doubt that the company is developing a high-end graphics solution, a new career page on the company's website should put any doubts to rest. The page, boldly entitled "Create next-gen graphics and gaming experiences," contains the following paragraph:
Intel's Visual Computing Group (VCG) has the mission to establish the future of computing for high-throughput workloads. We are focused on developing discrete graphics products based on a many-core architecture targeting high-end client platforms. Our vision is that the resulting ingredients and technology will extend to mobile clients, servers, and embedded platforms over time. VCG will initially focus on discrete graphics products but will also expand the previous charter to include developing plans for accelerated CPU integration.
The text suggests that Intel not only plans to go up against Nvidia and ATI in the discrete GPU segment, but that the chipmaker is also cooking up an answer to AMD's upcoming "Fusion" architecture. Fusion will integrate a graphics processor with a multi-core general-purpose microprocessor, which sounds a lot like the "accelerated CPU integration" Intel mentions. Thanks to Beyond3D for the tip.
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