Google to get into the game ads business

Barely four months after Electronic Arts announced that it would start putting live ads inside its games, word is going around that Google may soon enter the in-game advertisement business. The Wall Street Journal reports (subscription required) that Google is currently in talks to acquire San Francisco-based in-game ad firm Adscape Media. A deal could be reached as early as next week, the WSJ's sources say.

If the purported deal goes through, it could set the stage for another epic battle between Google and Microsoft; the Redmond software giant purchased in-game ad firm Massive in May of last year. Before the acquisition, Massive's CEO said that the real-time in-game ad business could grow to a $3-billion+ global market by the end of the decade. With Google and Microsoft on board, in-game ads could gain even greater momentum. Thanks to Shacknews for the tip.

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