Hynix touts 2GB DDR2-800 memory modules

Several memory manufacturers have already introduced 2GB DDR2 memory modules—Mushkin even released some low-latency ones last year—but those modules typically run at 533MHz or 667MHz. EE Times reports that Hynix has now announced a 2GB DDR2 module capable of clocking up to 800MHz, the maximum speed supported by AMD's Socket AM2 processors and by the latest chipsets for Intel processors. The module's memory chips are based on 90nm process technology, but Hynix was able to achieve the required combination of density and speed by using advanced wafer-level packing (WLP) technology. Hynix says its WLP technology allows it to cut production costs by over 20%, all the while helping improve both thermal dissipation and speed. The company's upcoming 60nm modules, which are expected to hit stores in the first half of this year, will also make use of WLP technology.
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